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How to install and configure a phpBB forum in ubuntu

This tutorial will explain how to install a phpBB forum in Ubuntu.

The first thing to do is to start the VirtualBox virtual machine that we created in the tutorial how to install Ubuntu in a virtual machine .

We will need some prerequisites in the system, such as Apache or MySQL . You can review the tutorial on how to install Apache, MySQL and PHP if you have still done it.

Then we will get to work, opening a terminal with Ctr + Alt + T.

First we will create the database that we will call phpBB and then we will proceed to install the forum from the web browser with the default configuration.

Carlos @ tutorial: ~

We will enter as administrator in the mysql client:

sudo mysql -u root -p

We will create the phpBB database

create database phpbb;

The sudo will ask you to enter the user password.

Then we will create a user and a password to manage the database connection from the forum and assign the privileges:

create user forum @ localhost identified by 'foro1234';

Specify a strong password. By way of example it will be sufficient, but obviously it is always advisable to use a robust password policy.

grant all on phpbb. * to user 'forum' @ 'localhost' identified by 'forum1234';

And we will refresh to record the privileges and we will leave:

flush privileges;


Next we will download the phpBB package from the internet.

We will cd to position ourselves in our $ HOME and we will use the wget statement:

wget https://www.phpbb.com/files/release/phpBB-3.1.2.zip

Unzip the zip file:

unzip phpBB-3.1.2.zip

This step will create a phpBB3 directory below our $ HOME.

We will create the directory where we will leave the unpacked files in the Apache server path:

sudo mkdir / var / www / html / forum

sudo cp -R phpBB3 / * / var / www / html / forum /

Now we will have to change the permissions of the files to www-data , since we have created them with 'root' and Apache usually uses the www-data user:

sudo chown -R www-data: www-data / var / www / html /

We will add the permissions to the directories for the group and we will move to:

cd / var / www / html / forum /

and we will do:

sudo chmod 660 images / avatars / upload / config.php

Next we will enter the web browser putting in the browser http: // ip / foro / install or putting " localhost " instead of the IP.

The phpBB installation panel will appear. Click on the tab that says INSTALL .

Then we will click on " Proceed to next step " and then " Start install ".

Now in the following screen of configuration of the database we will put:

Database type: MySQL with MySQLi Extension

Database server hostname or DSN: localhost

Database name: phpbb

Database username: forum

Database password: foro1234

Next we will click on " Proceed to next step " and it will appear in green:

Successful connection

We will click on " Proceed to next step ".

forophpbb install

In the next screen we can define the language, and the administrator user who has all the permissions.

We are going to put admin / Foro1234 and our email.

Next it will show us a screen with a text in green:

Tests passed.

forophpbb test passed

We will click on " Proceed to next " 2 times and we will arrive at the SMTP mail configuration screen.

If we do not have any, we will default to the config urls of the forum.

Then they can be changed later if we need it.

forophpbb email

We will click on " Proceed to next" 2 times (yes again) and finally we will finish the installation of phpBB!

forophpbb fin install

Before entering, we will set the permissions and delete the phpBB install directory.

we will find ourselves in the directory / var / www / html / foro:

sudo chmod 640 config.php

sudo chmod 770 store / cache / files /

sudo rm -rf install

If we go back to the browser and put http: // localhost / forum we will enter for the first time in our newly created forum.

We will come with a first category, and a forum (with a topic and a post) of sample.

forophpbb admin forum

From there you can create new categories, forums, manage users, privileges, etc ...

Well that's it, we finish here this brief tutorial to install and configure a phpBB forum.

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