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Have you noticed that the cost of paying per click on traffic keeps getting higher? That's because more companies are constantly competing for traffic.

Adwords advertising costs currently account for more than 25% of the companies' costs. We believe it is time to change strategy.

online marketing

That's why it has never been so important to fight for search engine traffic, and we can help using content marketing .

Increasingly, influencers, bloggers have more weight in the promotion of products and services.

We work with the well-known brands of the hosting sector, domains , vps cloud , and online training (programming) .

Our proposal focuses on the creation and publication of sponsored articles, usually reviews and product tests, in such a way that we facilitate the acquisition of users interested in Internet and information technologies, who land in our blog to thus send traffic to your web.

Additionally, the publication is shared on our Twitter account (with more than 1200 followers), Facebook, and Linkedin.

And once the articles are published, a month is included in the block of highlights.

The specific details of the articles are made to measure, both the number of links, anchor links, nofollow, keywords, titles, and images.