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The Word is the Key

Who doubts the power of the word? The word is the key .

It seems a new concept, something invented by the Google search engine, by marketing agencies, but the power of the word has existed for years.

New trends in online marketing give absolute power to the word, now the word is the key.


Many years ago, when the church had a huge weight in society, the word of God had absolute power. It seems that things never change.

We have gone from the eternal God to the eternal iOS, and there is only one letter of difference, and yet there are many similarities.

There are many evangelizers of the word of iOS . And many faithful followers of its forbidden fruit, the apple. I mean, it has a prohibitive price, it's not free.

Surely it is also a strange coincidence.

Basically, everything is a play on words, key of course.

We are in the best time to learn things . It's the DIY era (Do It Yourself) and the online tutorials .

We are looking for a jquery tutorial for the web, and a jsp tutorial for programming web applications, but we also want to learn with a javascript tutorial . And of course we need a python tutorial to learn how to make programs on the server.

But we also want to learn how to program scratch games . And since we like music, we want to learn to play the guitar.

One particularity is that we want to learn free online, a free java course , or a free program, even a free game. Curious current trend.

Of course we want leisure to come free. I want to see the free movies , for that I need a tutorial of kodi with the best addons. To watch movies and series for free. I want to listen to free songs.

But maybe I need a raspberry pi, for this I should install raspbian in the raspberry pi . And then I should know how to install kodi .

Why do not we work for free too?

If it seems that we only look for free leisure, services and products? Is a keyword free ?

Well maybe it's the future. Work without collecting money. Work in exchange for bitcoins. Minar bitcoins . Today it is already possible to buy bitcoins. Even large corporations allow transactions with bitcoins.

All this and some other things you can find on this website.

Now you have the word , and it is key to learn everything you want.

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Sunday, 25 August 2019

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