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Content marketing platform for bloggers

Today we are going to talk about one of the Content Marketing platforms that I have been testing recently. To go straight to the point, and in a word: it works, ... then I will detail how it works, so we go into the subject.

In this platform the brands that want to advertise can generate content, or ask that the bloggers , (or means as they call them) write the content, and then publish it or spread it. They can also amplify a given content on social networks, such as twitter or facebook.
content king

A common problem for bloggers is that they do not have the means or contacts to get sponsorships on their website. There are several RTB platforms (such as Adsense ), but revenues are usually scarce if we do not have hundreds of thousands of visits per month. So that option will not enrich you much, you need to diversify to get more income.
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