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How to install Linux on the HP Chromebox

The Chromebox is a miniPC capable of many basic things, but one thing that limits us when making the most of its resources is the operating system that incorporates, the ChromeOS.

There is the possibility to install a special version of linux with ChromeOS and have the two operating systems running at the same time:

linux in the hp chromebox using crouton.

To achieve that we are going to have to do several things.

The first is to put our Chromebox in developer mode.

The second download the "crouton" and run it to install linux.


To do the first thing you have to introduce a small metal utensil in the reset button and press the power button at the same time. In some chromebooks you have to press the Esc key, the refresh key and the Power button at the same time.

There is a lot of information on the Internet that activates the developer mode in your ChromeBox / Book model.

For the second task we will take advantage of the advantages of the "chroot" of UNIX that will allow us in a way similar to virtualization to run the Linux OS inside Chrome OS in a file system of its own.

The Linux processes will run inside the ChromeOS itself. In this way Linux is executed without having to restart the system.

The chroot can access all the hardware resources but the damage that it can "do" at the software level will be inside an isolated "cage" within its own main process. Once we entered the ChromeOS in developer mode, we opened a crosh (Control + Alt + T) and typed shell and enter.

On the other hand we will have to download "Crouton" which is a kind of script that will allow us to mount all this automatically.

download crouton

To download it go here https://goo.gl/fd3zc. download the script for crouton.

crosh shell

Once we have the script downloaded in our folder "Downloads" we will execute it in the following way:

sh ~ / Downloads / crouton

In this way we will see the available options presented to us.

To install for example a version of ubuntu with the graphic environment xfce we will write the following:

sudo sh ~ / Downloads / crouton -t xfce

This order will begin to perform actions for about 20 minutes or so. Once completed we will ask the user and password to create it. Once finished to execute it we will have to write sudo startxfce4.

We will see how then the graphic manager xfce4 will be started as if it were a newly installed linux.

You can toggle between the Xfce desktop and the Chrome desktop using the Ctrl + Alt F1-F3 keys. To exit the Xfce just have to make a logout and return to the shell that we previously opened in ChromeOS.

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