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How to change the battery of a Macbook Pro 13 inches

Welcome to a new installment of XRL Tech Corner.

Today we open the guides section or "how-to's".

How to change the battery of a Macbook Pro Unibody.

To do this, what better to start with the Apple family, specifically with the 13-inch Macbook Pro (Unibody model).

change macbook pro 13 battery

In the following video tutorial we will show you how to change the battery of the Macbook for a new compatible.

As you can see, once you see the video, you will see that the level of difficulty is low, and we will only need a Phillips # 00 screwdriver, a special 3-pronged screwdriver for the two screws of the battery and a plastic spatula to remove the battery connector.

The new battery we have put is: NewerTech NuPower 65W.

Next the video tutorial:

Click here to buy it directly.

We hope it helps you!

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Sunday, 25 August 2019

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