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Gadgets for blogger

In this article we will explain what Gadgets for Blogger are and how to create them.

There are many Gadgets for Blogger with various features, for example: featured articles, visits counter, blog file, list of labels, etc ... Gadgets are components that can be added to the design of a blog in Blogger.

Blogger already contains a good group of gadgets ready to be included in the blog. Anyway if you know some programming html, css, and javascript you can create your own Gadget for Blogger.

gadgets for blogger

To do that, there are actually two modes. One is to add an HTML / Javascript Gadget to the blog design. Once inserted you can edit its content, directly pasting the source code you want to execute. You can embed html, css and javascript code.

Since we have some limitation when executing external code in Blogger, such as php, java, cgi, etc. it is possible to create a Gadget for Blogger that resides in an external web that can execute server code.

For this you have to add your own Blogad Gadget by specifying a URL where the script is hosted.

own blogger gadget

In that URL there should exist an XML file with the labels that we show below.

The simplest Gadget we can build would be:


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Wednesday, 18 September 2019

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