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Coobis, a reference in Spanish content marketing

When we hear the word Content Marketing we all think that it is something necessary for our business, but what exactly is it?

It would be defined as a strategy encompassed within Inbound Marketing that seeks to generate relevant, useful, important content to attract our future or current clients to our website, product or service. It can be delivered in various formats, such as posts, publications on social networks, videos, podcasts, etc ...

An error that we usually make is to isolate this strategy from the rest, such as SEO, presence in social networks, web analysis, etc ... so it is an important but not sufficient part to achieve our goals. In other words, creating content on its own is not going to be a guaranteed success.

Within the Spanish landscape, there are few companies that focus on this area in question.
One of them is Coobis , a reference in content marketing in our country.

I've been working with them for 6 months, and to go straight to the point, and in a word: it works, ... then I'll detail how it works, so we went into the subject.

El contenido es el rey en el marketing de contenidos

In this platform brands (advertisers) that offer a product or a service and bloggers (or editors as they call them) can register to write content and then publish it. They can also (and should) spread the content on social networks, such as Google Plus, Facebook or Twitter.

A common problem for bloggers (at least the vast majority) is that they do not have the means or the key contacts to get solid sponsorships for the web. There are several RTB (Real Time Biding) platforms, such as Google's famous Adsense , but revenues are usually scarce if there are not hundreds of thousands of visits per month. With what you have to diversify to get more income.

At Coobis , bloggers have the possibility to write a post, publish a sponsored post provided by the brand, write and publish a post written by ourselves, post a tweet, post on Facebook, and finally write, post and share a post in social networks.

For companies or brands interested in publicizing their product or service, they have at their disposal a blog search engine , where they can search by categories (Art, Cinema, News, Technology, Motor, etc ...), by country , by number of monthly visits, by SEO, and by number of followers on Twitter and Facebook, among other things. These results can be ordered later by those who have more visits, better SEO, better valuation, etc ...

Coobis is compatible with other platforms that you have to monetize, like Adsense.
Another important advantage is that there is no limit to withdraw the income , you always have the accumulated balance available. We will not have to pay to belong to the platform, nor will they ask for total exclusivity.

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Sunday, 25 August 2019

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