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Content marketing platform for bloggers

Today we are going to talk about one of the Content Marketing platforms that I have been testing recently. To go straight to the point, and in a word: it works, ... then I will detail how it works, so we go into the subject.

In this platform the brands that want to advertise can generate content, or ask that the bloggers , (or means as they call them) write the content, and then publish it or spread it. They can also amplify a given content on social networks, such as twitter or facebook.
content king

A common problem for bloggers is that they do not have the means or contacts to get sponsorships on their website. There are several RTB platforms (such as Adsense ), but revenues are usually scarce if we do not have hundreds of thousands of visits per month. So that option will not enrich you much, you need to diversify to get more income.

Anyway, we also need to do networking with other bloggers, with companies, with creatives, with related professionals, etc ... one thing does not take away the other.

So, as I said at the beginning, a content marketing platform that we can use is Coobis .
It is a platform that connects blogs and sponsors in such a way that both can benefit.
They offer a series of services for sponsors, such as sponsored posts, mentions of twitter, facebook, etc ...
Specifically, for bloggers, we have the ability to write a post, publish a sponsored post provided by the sponsor, write and publish a post written by ourselves, post a tweet, post on Facebook, and finally write and post a post and share it on social networks.

For companies interested in advertising, they have a search engine for blogs, Directory where you can search by categories, number of visits, SEO, and "score" which is the score given by Coobis to the blogs that adhere to such initiative.
It's a Spanish company, so everything is Spanish, and it's an interesting initiative to get known and get some money writing blog articles.

It is also compatible with other platforms that we already have to monetize our posts.
Another important advantage is that there is no limit to withdraw your income, you always have available the accumulated balance. It will not cost us anything to belong to the platform, nor will they ask us for total exclusivity.

In summary, if you are a brand and you want to be a sponsor of XRL Tech Corner you just have to register as an advertiser . Or on the contrary if you are a blogger and you want to generate extra income and be able to monetize your work you know where you can go: Coobis .
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Wednesday, 18 September 2019

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