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Buy Youtube visits

In the following article we are going to talk about a topic that generates controversies. The websites that sell visits, likes and even comments on YouTube.

These websites offer visitor packages at different prices, depending on the number of visits that are contracted.

These visits can be staggered in several days, or concentrated in a single day. You can even buy "Like" and followers of various social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

buy visits

Payments are usually made via Paypal, with which we have certain guarantees when it comes to solving problems with the purchase.

Undoubtedly, some of the most watched videos on YouTube , at one time or another, have used the services of these companies to increase visits. Perhaps this phenomenon is not so much in the purchase of web traffic, but on YouTube, thanks in part to the easy monetization offered by the volume of views, is quite common.

But not everyone agrees with it, especially Google.
Buying youtube visits through a non-Adwords service is something that the American giant does not care about.
For a very simple reason, stop receiving income from your goose that lays the golden eggs, and you would have to pay more to the youtubers that monetize the videos.
Because let's not fool ourselves, buy audience through Adwords, at the level of some keywords, it's very expensive, and it makes up for working with content marketing and organic positioning. Something that comes out much cheaper, but requires a long implementation time and obtaining results.

If you want to win visits on YouTube , this is the quick solution, the other is to generate quality content and work on a dissemination plan through social networks, as well as metadata (title, description, labels, etc ...).

Another important issue that needs to be evaluated is to see if the visits that are bought are practically spam.
That is why it is essential to buy Youtube visits that are safe and anti-bane (remember the famous +301).
It is also usually a plus that you can choose the geographical location of the visits. It would not make sense to buy visitors from a location like Russia, if our main audience comes from Spain.

Increasing YouTube visits naturally is not an easy task, some talented Youtubers have not managed to cross the 100-visit barrier in some of their videos and remain in deeper anonymity. Nowadays it is very complicated to stand out when you see billions of videos on YouTube every day.

It is somewhat difficult to start a viralization process of a good video, but once a certain volume of visits is reached, the Youtube platform can catapult you to success.

Nobody is interested in seeing a video that has only 100 visits, we are impressed by the big figures, and for those things of the human mind, we think that a video with 100,000 visits has to be worthwhile.

Obviously from those 100,000 visits, the viralización and the popularity of your video already depends on your talent and the quality of the video.

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