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BiblePay the word of God already has cryptocurrency

The Word of God already has cryptocurrency!

If it is true that the Church is often criticized for being retrograde and not being related to the times, they now have their own cryptocurrency.

As far as we know, the Vatican has not spoken yet, but an organization in Arizona (USA) has created the Biblepay , the first cryptocurrency designed especially for Christians.

biblepay logo

It is a recently created altcoin, was launched in August 2017, and has the symbol BBP.

The algorithm it uses is called POBh (Proof of Bible Hash), and the block time is 7 minutes.

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It has wallets for all operating systems (windows, linux, macos). And these allow mining.

This cryptocurrency also has characteristics that make it different from the rest.

The algorithm that uses POBh is resistant to GPUs and ASICs , which is mainly based on the mining by CPU and the participation of the node that remains active for a long time.

So it is a cryptocurrency that can be easily mined in domestic PCs, and does not need large resources, and at the same time it rewards those nodes that have been in the network for a long time.

Right now the change equals 9 satoshis for a 1 BBP.

The interesting thing is that 10% of the blockchain broadcast goes directly to help orphans, through non-profit organizations (such as Compassion.com).

That is to say, every month, everything they have accumulated in BBP is transformed into fiat money to finance orphans in underdeveloped countries.

For that reason, they help children who are hungry, also offering education and development.

They say that their intention is to collaborate with organizations that are efficient at least 75%, that is, 75% reach the person who needs help.

BiblePay Wallet

The portfolio for windows, shares verses and extracts from the Bible to be able to have moments of prayer with God while using the program for mining.

biblepay wallet

On Christmas day they will also bring to light the Sanctuaries , which are autonomous nodes, which will decentralize the management of these donations, allowing voting to decide where that money is spent and how.

You can find more information on their website (in English). Their values ​​as they are defined are honesty, efficiency, and transparency.

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